AI powered Temperature Monitoring

Chirp is an advanced wearable sensor to measure, record, and analyze Basal Body Temperature (BBT) for a variety of specific use cases.

What can biometric temperature monitoring indicate?

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is the temperature of your body at rest. It is usually the lowest body temperature you will experience throughout the day. In order to accurately record BBT, monitor fluctuations, and perform predictive analysis, BBT must be recorded when the body is in complete rest (sleep).
BBT can be an indicator of a variety of biological functions from monitoring thyroid health and activity to tracking menstrual cycles and fertility.

BBT and Menstruation Cycles

The biphasic basal body temperature (BBT) rhythm during the menstrual cycle has been reported and studied since the early 1900. A woman’s BBT reaches its lowest point (nadir) in a given cycle around her fertile window, just prior to ovulation and corresponding to a peak in estrogen.

Chirp Features



The sensor, encased in medical-grade silicon, is a fully flexible and soft device meant to be worn on the body’s core, under the arm, where temperature can be accurately recorded and remain un-noticeable to the user. It affixes to the user’s skin with a reusable, washable gel pad.

New, innovative, quick-charge micro-battery technology powers the unit for ~12 hours, and unlike lithium-ion batteries, is not at risk of explosion.

The sensor is automatically turned on when removed from the charging base station, and sensor data seamlessly syncs to the user’s device when charging.

Ultra-High Resolution

Core and peripheral body temperatures are affected by changes in reproductive hormones during the menstrual cycle.

Most women’s BBT shifts only 0.28–0.56°C Chirp use advance electronic sensors to detect the temperature changes with a 0.1°C resolution in sensitivity.

Machine Learning / AI analysis

Software that learns and evolves from an individual user can identify user’s baseline, find trends and more accurately make beneficial and impactful predictions.

Chat-Bot Concierge

Instead of developing a stand-alone application for users to retrieve sensor data, users receive data in an organic communication environment: chat. Chirp will pair with popular apps (WeChat, Line, WhatsApp, etc.) that users are likely to already have installed on their phone. Insightful and actionable information is relayed to the user within the chat setting allowing for quick, easy, and digestible information.

Sensor data / insights can be easily accessed and shared with other stakeholders (partner, children, medical professional, caregiver, etc). Also within the chat environment, users can receive relevant content or products to their health and wellness goals, find local services, and choose to interact with other users.

Specs and Details

Adhesive Sensor patch

Rechargable sensor unit

21 days of continous usage

Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology

Biocompatible ergonomic sensor design for maximum comfort

Dimensions: 37.5mm(L) x 27.6mm(W ) x 14.6mm(H)

Weight: 2.75g